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Startups West Africa had a chat with a few of our members to see their experiences with our platform thus far.

Kene Emeka Agbasiere from Abuja

Kene runs a construction company for the last few years and as he told over the phone “I still consider ourselves a startup company, especially as we’re looking to find new solutions – sustainable, affordable housing with renewable energy.”

Kene came across the platform on LinkedIn and asked to join the WhatsApp group. He was looking to connect to other local entrepreneurs and startups, as he put it: “I need to talk to startups and entrepreneurs in the local market as well as foreigners. I face the same problems as a local entrepreneur, the challenges are the same.”

Kene says he has also met interesting people from different sectors and it has been good to share some ideas with them. When asked where he sees SWA helping him in his future plans, Kene says: “SWA will definitely help me to network with more people in my sector. Also, the platform helps build myself as a leader, I have been helping a few people with their ideas and getting help with mine too. Giving as well as receiving.”

Kene Emeka Agbasiere

Kene Emeka Agbasiere, Abuja, REICHMANN PROJECTS LIMITED. www.justcornpartners.com

Engr. Okunola Wasiu from Lagos

In his own words:

I am a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer and Co-Founder of nextstarz.com.

I first heard of SWA on Facebook and have been able to partner with other entrepreneurs which I met on one of SWA’s WhatsApp groups. We are launching something together soon.

Overall, SWA has been a great resource, insight that make me know the love and greatness of west Africa entrepreneurs.

Engr. Okunola Waisu

Engr. Okunola Waisu, Lagos, facebook.com/wasiuokunola, twitter.com/okunolawese

Abdulwahab Umaru Modibbo from Adamawa state

Abdulwahab first heard of Startups West Africa on Facebook – a post that offered to join our WhatsApp group. Having done his NYSC in accounting and serving as a classroom teacher in a public school, he felt lost in the future direction of his career.

The SWA WhatsApp group was a frustration at the beginning: “People seemed to be doing all this things, but I didn’t know where to start” says Abdulwaha.

He reached out to multiple members of the group privately and someone suggested he starts a blog. After a bit of research and thoughts, he made one: http://binenne.blogspot.com

It’s a small step but a start for Abdulwahab.

Abdulwahab Umaru Modibbo

Abdulwahab Umaru Modibbo, Adamawa state Nigeria, facebook.com/abdulwahabumar.modibbo



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