Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Africans, with Olawale Rotimi – 19.05.2016., 9pm

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Olawale Rotimi serves as the Special Assistant (Media and Communication) to the Chairman of the House Committee on Justice, National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer in social/humanitarian issues and acts as Editor of The AGES Magazine. He also consults for few state governments and lawmakers at National and State Assemblies in Nigeria on youth and development and policy making.

Olawale earned his Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion at the prestigious University of Ilorin. While there, he taught “Political Violence in Nigeria: A Religio-Moral Solution” to over 1500 students in all faculties.

He served as supervisor, consultant and researcher to government at various levels in Nigeria. Past roles include media supervision for the Nigerian Senate Committee on Environment Oversight; conducting a research survey in North Central for the Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology; supervising education and public health projects for Ekiti Local Government.

As a journalist, he has interviewed leading figures contributing to development in Africa. His articles, speeches and quotes have been featured in various media platforms. He is also the research coordinator for a survey on internally displaced persons in North East Nigeria that aims at integrating displaced persons socially, economically, educationally and emotionally into the society.

Olawale specializes in investigating socio-political issues and offering solutions to them.

Join on Thursday the 19th at 9 pm for a webinar where Olawale will present the opportunities on the continent, followed by a live Q/A.

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