CENAB Ghana startup

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Startups West Africa is happy to introduce our latest virtual incubation program in partnership with CENAB UK, the UK branch of NPP Ghana.

West Africa provides an emerging market of hundreds of millions of people for business and industry. It is a region of business ideas and innovation for its young population but with a serious lack of technology, capital and investment. Ghana is a leading player in this emerging market.

Startups West Africa therefore provides an incredible opportunity to tap into this melting pot of business ideas and innovation and will give young people the opportunity to pitch their ideas for possible finance and investment.

Hayford Atta-Krufi
Chairman of CENAB UK

The program

CENAB Ghana Startup is a virtual incubation program aimed at:

  • Young people in Ghana and elsewhere in West Africa
  • Early stage entrepreneurs and startups
  • People passionate about technology
  • People passionate about solving problems in their local areas

The purpose of the program is to direct all the energy and intelligence seen in young Ghanaian’s to solve local problems by utilizing technology and to incubate startup companies to add to the local economies.

The incubation process

  1. Fill-out the form to apply – submit your idea or if you don’t have one, submit a problem you and your fellow Africans encounter daily
  2. If you’re chosen, you will receive free mentoring session from expert programmers to advise on technologies to use in addressing the problem you have spotted
  3. If you decide to go ahead with the idea, Startups West Africa will do its best to help you form the team to develop your minimum viable product (MVP)
  4. After your MVP is developed, Startups West Africa will provide mentoring to develop your business plans, financial models and introduce you to our network of angel investors

If you already have an early or seed stage startup, consider our investment readiness program or if you are good with technology but not particularity ideas – apply regardless and we will see to connect you to others for you to team up and join the startup revolution happening in Ghana.


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